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Joker123 Update

The History of Joker123 Update.

Joker123 is not the most established mobile slot game brand in Malaysia, but rather a new one. In fact, he has been operating in the Malaysian online casino industry for only 10 years. Some of you may be curious, but will this Joker123 update only be released in January 2018?

Let me answer your question. Joker123 is actually a new brand of SCR888 after a rebranding initiative. The reason behind is not clear. This is very popular in Malaysia and may be due to ongoing pressure from local governments. SCR888 Malaysia officially announced these rebranding initiatives and download links two weeks before the end of the old agent site.

Today, SCR888 has been replaced by Joker123. SCR888 has become a legend in the past. Nevertheless, many online casino players cannot erase the SCR888 brand from memory. It takes time to adapt to a new brand.

We are all hearing about SCR888. So, now you have an idea of ​​what’s going on with the Joker123 update. In 2018, there is something to know about this new mobile slot game. Nobody tells you. Take a look:

1. Winner with higher payment than SCR888 in 2018

With much less exposure in the local online gaming industry, new brands must at some point realize what SCR888 has achieved in the past. If you were the game owner, what is your move? According to insider information, Joker123 has already adjusted prize payments since January 2018. Have you noticed that winning is a bit easier than a few months ago?

We believe your winning payments, whether true or not, will continue to increase over the coming months. Especially the Lunar New Year. The CNY is nearby and people learn once a year. Some non-regular players will also bet during this period to celebrate this year’s largest festival in China. Joker123 will probably get the highest payment during this period.

Why do you need it? You really need to strengthen your new brand. Given the fierce competition in Malaysia’s online game market, it is necessary to do so to compete with other companies. Believe it or not, it’s a psychological factor that made SCR888 so successful. They will do the same at Joker123.

2. Improved slot machine graphics

Many did not realize that Joker123 uses much better slot graphics than the older SCR888. Most of us can say that he has changed the brand logo, login page, loading page, and some of the game lobby. What about graphics slot games? In fact, there are slight improvements in graphics slot games.

When SCR888 last used a 900×450 slot machine to implement a mobile slot game, it was updated to 1800×900 with the new Joker123. I can not say? In fact, this is a very detailed change and people usually won’t notice. However, you can now enjoy a high standard of visual experience.

3. Are you still hacked?

Another reason SCR888 has become so popular is the paradox of whether you can hack mobile slot games. It is still a mystery to this day. However, as proven by my own eyes, there are friends who have successfully cracked the SCR888 mobile slot game. I seem to support this hackable theory.

From one of my reliable sources, they said there was a way to hack Joker123, but it was very difficult. how? Some people are now R & D, a new electronic hacking device for this purpose. The likelihood of success is close to 99%. Hacking Joker123 is very easy unless there is a new update in the game firewall. As new hacking devices are introduced to the market, we will elaborate on this. stay tuned!

Joker123 Update

4. Choose the best mobile slot game to play

As mentioned above, Joker123 needs to revise payments won in the new month. Does this mean you can win your mobile slot game? do not do! If you want to win big, you must always choose the game wisely.

There is a list of mobile slot games that are easy to win from insiders. Not one of the bosses of the 918 Kiss, but one of its slot machine developers. what do you think it is? I do not share the best slot machine games with you, but some of them:

Kings Highway
Big blue
Kings Derby (also known as Kuda in Malay)
Thunderbolt Monkey
I think this is enough. Just play the previous 5 games from time to time to increase your chances of winning. Honestly, there are over 20 mobile slot games on my list. For certain reasons, it is not possible to make the entire list public. I hope you find the above helpful.

5. Joker123 Android APK vs Joker123 iOS

Android APK and iOS, what is the best one? Last year, I met a friend who intentionally purchased a new iPhone to play SCR888. He said it was easier to make money with the iOS version of SCR888. Since then, I have done a thorough investigation based on what he said. Surprisingly, there is a strong correlation between winnings and the version used for betting.

This does not mean that playing iOS is always better. For all the benefits, I also had a secret meeting with the creator of the Joker123 slot machine game. The bottom line is that the APK version of Android is slightly more likely to make a profit in 2018. However, this may change due to other unexpected changes in the coming months.

If you don’t know how to download the Joker123 slot game, read the instructions on how to download Joker123 Android and Joker123 iOS.

If this is true, it will help us win big. You need to know that even a small change of 0.01% in the probability of winning can be significant for players. You need to pay more attention to the win rate for both Android and iOS versions. There are no free meals in the world. Check the details and win even more!

Joker123 Update